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Foundry MODO

The CG software of my choice

Foundry NukeX

I love Nodes ...

Foundry Mari

Painting in 3D was never so sexy ...


Wobbling Can Tutorial – MODO

Here is a quick tutorial how to build a „rig“ to animate a wobbling can in modo. x

Some NukeX screenrecordings

Some NukeX screenrecordings

Here are two NukeX screen recordings and a video where i’m using the planar-tracker of Nuke to add some new graphics on a truck.


Mesh Fusion for MODO

The Foundry released a nice plugin called „MeshFusion“ for MODO701, with Fusion you can easily create stunning models in „no time“ as it uses „booleans“ like you may know from Cad-Apps. I doodled a bit with it these days and impressed of the quality it delivers.

Mari Doodle

Mari is in da house …

One Mari for me, please … I transferred my NukeX license to the new Production-Collective from TF these days and it was a good decision. The so called „production collective“ pack includes NukeX, MODO, Hiero and Mari in which i instantly fell in love. Mari is such a fun to use, i don’t like the
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Frax Fractal renderer iPad

Frax –  Fractal Render Some days ago i bought a app called „Frax“ which is a fractal or also called „Mandelbrot“ generator for iOS devices. The amazing part of the app is that the fractals will be rendered in near realtime as a preview and final rendered in in a few minutes in retina-resolution. One
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Asphalt 8 Airborne iOS

  I just downloaded  this game yesterday for my iPad and i like it. Asphalt is a fun-racer, but i like it to play more then Real Racing 3 as RR3 bothers me with a super slow progress in the game, at least if you wont invest 30 Euros for faster cars. check it out
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