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I love Nodes ...

Foundry Mari

Painting in 3D was never so sexy ...

DriveClub PS4 new Trailer

DriveClub PS4 new Trailer

Well … i don´t own a PS4 right now because there are no games i really like to play as i prefer racing-games. NeedforSpeed Rivals look somehow neat but not that good that i have the desire to buy a PS4. But this may change at least in October 2014 when DriveCLub will be released
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Growing Cable in MODO 801 =)

Growing Cable in MODO 801 =)

After watching Andrew Brown´s video about the growing vines for the new MODO 801, i liked to give it a try. Here´s what i ended up after a few hours of doodling.

MODO 801 is here and i recorded some Tuts in german 4 you =)

MODO 801 is here and i recorded some Tuts in german 4 you =)

Yeahh, finally it´s released, MODO 801 is ready to download/buy which you by the way can do on our homepage too =) I recorded a few videos about features i like much in the new version, this time in german only as there a quite some cool videos available in english anyway. So here
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Crazy – animated Atoms-Movie done by IBM research

Okay, that one is crazy … IBM-Reserach made a short-movie using a scanning tunneling microscope to move thousands of carbon monoxide molecules (two atoms stacked on top of each other). Check the video out, there´s also a making of.


Rubik´s Cube Animation Test

Hi, i had to animate a Rubik´s Cube for a pitch and this is what i have right now. Animation was done in Modo using traditional keyframes, nothing fancy.  


Mari 2.6 is out :-)

Yeah, Mari 2.6 is out and has some sweet new features like alembic-support, physically based shaders, environment  lighting, layered shaders and texture transfer. It will be a long night for sure 🙂 Check the video out to see the new features in action.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-02 um 00.03.01

Vimeo MODO Group

In case that you don’t know, i created a MODO related tutorial group 4 years ago with more then 400 tutorials online right now. Surf bye if you like or even better, join the group if you interested in MODO.      


Great video about Pixar´s „Presto“ Animation System

Here´s a nice video about the proprietary animation-system called „Presto“ Pixar is using for it´s animation works. Also there’s a talk about interactive lighting in Foundry-Katana using Renderman running on Nvidia-GPU´s. x      


Project Scooter 67

Two years ago i got a nice real vintage vespa-scooter from my wife and family to celebrate my birthday. The scooter seems to be manufactured in 1967 (at least this is the latest info after my investigation using the serial number). My project now is besides the desire to ride the scooter, to recover the
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