Two more images of my Learning Mari project

Here are two more images i´ve rendered out of my learning Mari Project.


First rendering done …

Here is the first rendering of my „Learning Mari“ project, it is still a WIP but i like how it evolves. I need to fix f.e. the texture on the side of the woodplanks as there is some ugly stretching. I already have to deal with +500 Mb of textures and i’m not done with
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Fig 2014-05-06 um 18.13.42

Mari Doodle …

Here are some screens from a free project i´m working on. I´ll get better in using Mari i think =) I made a little progress on the project, but i have still a lot to paint …  


Mari 2.6 is out :-)

Yeah, Mari 2.6 is out and has some sweet new features like alembic-support, physically based shaders, environment  lighting, layered shaders and texture transfer. It will be a long night for sure 🙂 Check the video out to see the new features in action.

Mari Doodle

Mari is in da house …

One Mari for me, please … I transferred my NukeX license to the new Production-Collective from TF these days and it was a good decision. The so called „production collective“ pack includes NukeX, MODO, Hiero and Mari in which i instantly fell in love. Mari is such a fun to use, i don’t like the
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