Old School gems …

Yesterday i cleaned my old iMac´s hard drive because i like to sell it on eBay, while checking the data i stumbled over stone old productions i did.
The oldest, a showreel is from 1997 (!) showing a super lame physical-screenrecording of my CRT-Monitor connected to the SGI Indigo 1 running Softimage Creative Environment and a cool plugin called „Fur-Designer“. In the end i was deeply impressed about the creative and/or technical quality of some of the work.

This sounds cocky, i know. But in 1997 i had limited possibilities and seen it from that perspective the stuff is quite good.
I like to share that stone old stuff with you as i think it´s quite funny and it was a good lesson for me to refocus my possibilities i have now and what to do with this perception.

I´m a bit „grounded“ and also appalled how little i really used the new toys and hardware i have. If i had these tools back 1997 what would i have done ?

Hmm …