More Nodality doodles

Haha, it’s getting complex …

I played a lil more with Nodality while watching TV, it’s kinda relaxing for me experimenting with tools like that.

It all as begun with the following image


And ended with this one …


This is the nodal-flow …


It would be cool if there’s an option to name the construct to load it up later, but i’m sure it’s on the list. Also right now the app looses the original image if you reopen the app, but as it is only one picture i used, it’s not a big deal right now.

As a Nuke user i would welcome some more functions like a mask slot directly in the comp-node, right now there is an extra node for doing this. Besides that, you have to add a lil to much nodes for common tasks like the size of f.e. a checker-texture. It would be nice to optionally add a extra node to control the size but have just the size as an function directly in the texture. But it seems like the developer is putting everything together right now to optimize it later.

After all, WELL DONE – Love it.