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The CG software of my choice

Foundry NukeX

I love Nodes ...

Foundry Mari

Painting in 3D was never so sexy ...


Agis Photoscan

Let me scan it … Recently we got a request to build a „cup cake“ for a rendering, the same kind of cup-cake was already used before in traditional shootings but of course the cup-cake was not available anymore in real as some one my have had it for lunch =) So the question was if we model it
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Man Cave

Man Cave is ready :-)

Only two Years of restauration … until my homeoffice-room was ready, but i think it’s a nice room and i’m proud of it.


Streak-O-Matic for MODO

Hello, After watching a cool MODO-video about how to exactly define hair-shapes using „cage-polys“ used as guides, it suddenly came to my mind that this maybe is a new method to create light streaks. =) x As i have to do some animated streaks in MODO once again i decided to make me something like a
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More Nodality doodles

Haha, it’s getting complex … I played a lil more with Nodality while watching TV, it’s kinda relaxing for me experimenting with tools like that. It all as begun with the following image And ended with this one … This is the nodal-flow … It would be cool if there’s an option to name the construct
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„Nodality“ Node based Compositing on the iPad

Nodes on the iPad From time to time i’m just browsing the app-store for new cool apps, especicaly for node based image-editors. I always wondered that ther’s none, until today. I found the app called „Nodality“ which is free (!) and real cool for someone like me who loves nodes. During my first experiments i
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Psykopaint 1

Awesome iPad App „Psykopaint“

Yesterday i came across an cool painting app for my iPad called Psykopaint. The name is strange but the app provides the coolest waterpaint simulation i have seen on an ios device, yeah, i even don’t know a app on my mac which does that so well. You can paint over a photo or paint
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Two more images of my Learning Mari project

Here are two more images i´ve rendered out of my learning Mari Project.


First rendering done …

Here is the first rendering of my „Learning Mari“ project, it is still a WIP but i like how it evolves. I need to fix f.e. the texture on the side of the woodplanks as there is some ugly stretching. I already have to deal with +500 Mb of textures and i’m not done with
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Fig 2014-05-06 um 18.13.42

Mari Doodle …

Here are some screens from a free project i´m working on. I´ll get better in using Mari i think =) I made a little progress on the project, but i have still a lot to paint …  

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