„Nodality“ Node based Compositing on the iPad

Nodes on the iPad

From time to time i’m just browsing the app-store for new cool apps, especicaly for node based image-editors. I always wondered that ther’s none, until today.

I found the app called „Nodality“ which is free (!) and real cool for someone like me who loves nodes.

During my first experiments i had to get used how it works, but the first result looks quite nice and would be hard todo with all the other tools for image manipulation on a iOS device.
Nodality result

Setting up the nodes is easy, hold the finger on the screen to add a node, choose the kind of the node like „comp“ add two more nodes and set it to image-loader. To connect the images to the comp node, just hold the finger on one of the images for a second and choose the input on the comp-node – done.


The possibilities using nodes are endless, that’s why i love them and why i use Nuke at work. Check it out, it’s free and won’t hurt you at all.

Here is a link  to the developers webpage where you will find some videos how it works.