PS4 is in da house …

I got a PS4 to my birthday a few days ago (YEAH!), it was a special bundle with „Drive Club“, „The last of Us“ and „Little big Planet3“.
As i´m somehow addicted to race-games i decided to trade two games for a fresh copy of „The Crew“ which was a good for me as i know that i won’t play these other two games that much.

Drive Club
First i tried „Drive Club“ and against all negative calls i actually like it, it makes fun and works good with a controller (i can´t use my racing-wheel because it seems to me that Sony decided to do everything to prevent users using old hardware and buy new one instead – that SUCKS!!) The graphics are great, the tracks sometimes look a bit „flat“ and for my taste a bit to colorful but this depends at what time of the day you are racing, at „dawn“ it looks super nice, at „noon“ a bit flat.

There are problems with the server (you may notice the red letters telling in german that there are problems with the drive club servers) and this is not okay at all, but if the servers work it, makes fun to beat the highest speed of someone else in a section while you´r racing.

Here´s a vid of some races i drove in „Drive Club“, i used the „Share-Factory“ app of the PS4 to „edit“ the captured game-play directly on the console, it´s a cool feature as it records you gaming all the time.

Drive Club gameplay

The Crew
First i was not that impressed about „The Crew“ when beta-testing it on the PC as the first mission looks somehow „boring“ don’t know why.

But after playing the beta a few hours i really started to like it and it was a no-brainer for me to have it on the PS4 instead of the PC.

My console lives in the living-room, my race-setup in my „man cave“, as „The Crew“ is more on the arcade side of racing i decided to play it to relax instead of beating times or races like i do in P-Cars on the PC which needs a proper setup with a racing-seat and a wheel to get a good immersion.

Graphics are great, some locations impressed me so much (and i have only seen the half of the states right now) these are the „canyons“ and the „everglades“. Citys are great too but the two above are so freaking cool, impressive what the devs have done here. The size of the whole map is impressive too, it took me over an hour to do the „half states“ trip !!

After all and until now i like „The Crew“ much and i like it even more because i know that MODO was used to model stuff of it =)
That´s why  i had the chance to beta-test the PC version when it was a closed-beta.

Here is a capture of me driving more or less good in „The Crew“.

Both „Drive Club“ and „The Crew“ are more arcade-racers then sims and this is okay for me, if i like to race i will use Project-Cars on the PC with all it´s graphical glory and real challenging races, but sometimes i just like to „doodle“ a lil do relax and for that matter both games are super nice to have.

In the end i´m happy to have a PS4 now, thanks to my family and friends for that cool birthday-present and especially to my Wife Martina and Tjay which have collected the money and bought it without my knowledge. =)